Rome Wasn’t Built In A Day


I’ve been MIA for a few weeks switching web hosts and working on my website.   But now I’m up and running again.  I plan to blog more consistently now.  I’m going to try and hold myself to that!

In my blogging “downtime” I’ve also been working on my website  My initial vision for this website came after I realized there was no central resource for the paleo/ancestral/primal community (you can call it whatever you like).  My goal is for it to become a comprehensive list of all things primal: doctors, co-ops, dietitians, restaurants, books, links and more.  Some may think this is an ambitious undertaking but my reason for doing it anyway is three-fold.

One, as with all other “fad diets” (I don’t consider eating primal a diet, rather a lifestyle), I feel the focus ends up on marketing and making money.  This is not to say there isn’t money to be made off of this up and coming health market but it is very different.  It is not a get rich and get out kind of deal.  There are a lot of real people out there starting to take notice of the health benefits paleo affords and these people want true and quality products and services with the intention of receiving this long term.  Also, There are some great things happening in the paleo community but I as a mother of two small children cant participate in a paleo based event that lasts for three days and costs me just under $1000 just for registration.  That to me just isn’t realistic.  Connecting with those who make the same lifestyle choices as me should be much easier and much cheaper.  My fear is that by doing this, the paleo/primal movement will pigeon-hole itself and become just another trendy/fad weight-loss scheme.  We all know it is much more than that.  We should be setting it up for success.

Reason number two.  After being told I was Type 1 diabetic I thought about a lot of things.  I could continue to eat the was I was eating and allow diabetes complications to slowly kill me over time or I could choose to be proactive.  I chose the latter.  As any diabetic knows, it is not just a disease cured by taking insulin.  It is a daily battle with my own body.  Having two tiny innocent children I had to stop and think about what my actions will teach my children, from a health perspective as well as regarding character.  I would never wish diabetes on my children and if there is anything I can do to prevent my children from going through what I go through everyday then I will do it! Nuff said.  Thus, I am vocal.  Creating is part of my voice.  Who knows if anyone is listening.  But who am I if I choose to stay quiet?

Three. As I mentioned above, my children get a sense of my character not just by what I say but by what I do in conjunction with those words.  It is my duty to my children to lead by example.

With that said, is my passion.  It may be rather empty now but I am patient.  It will come together one day at a time and grow into something wonderful and useful.  Obviously the title of this post applies here.

If you know of any great low-carb doctors, or awesome CSAs in your community, or would really love to share an amazing book others should read, please let me know and I will gladly put it up on the site.  Here is your chance to get involved and participate in this growing health movement!