Disconnected Pump

Hubs is graciously watching the children while I am out so I can have some uninterrupted, focused time for working on things.  So I am out at a cafe, one of my favorite past times I might add, with my laptop and cup of hot passion tea. This morning before I went out I checked my sugar. 185. What the? So naturally I bolused to correct. Now sitting here at the cafe I check again and its 248! Yikes! I finally look at my insertion site and there it is. Attached but not clicked into place. Total bummer. It is times like this that remind me to be more careful and pay closer attention. I had been awake all night with my son who was itching his mosquito bites crazily. At one point i finally got him back to sleep when I happened to notice a bubble in my tubing. So I detached my pump cleared out the bubble but apparently in my exhaustion did not fully align the piece. It sucks when we make mistakes but at least I know I will not make this one again.


One thought on “Disconnected Pump

  1. Baby girl, my brother did the same a few times too. It happens. So much to always keep an eye on, especially for mothers of young children.

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