I’m Back!

Did you miss me? I know I did! I have truly wanted to be more dedicated to this blog but the past couple months have been a little rough for me. (I know, not a good enough excuse!) In one of my previous posts I let everyone know that I was going to try nutritional ketosis, by which my body would effectively use fat as it’s primary fuel.

Let me tell you as a Type 1 diabetic this is not easy to do! I was inspired to do it by others seeking its health benefits, however these people are not necessarily Type 1s. Truthfully I haven’t been blogging because I have been very disappointed with my attempt and the results. Unfortunately, I could not control my numbers good enough to get my body into nutritional ketosis. In fact, I had some horrible numbers! Or at least much higher than I want to be in the high 100s. Now I know some diabetics think this is OK, however, it is my opinion that it is NOT OK. Although it is harder to control, I know that having consistently high blood sugars is not good for the body, and with work and diligence it is possible to get them closer to normal. Not to mention these high numbers didn’t work for me because you can’t possibly get your body in nutritional ketosis if your body is running off of sugar. I haven’t read anything that confirms some sort of cutoff but I am thinking that if you are consistently over 120, your body is NOT running off of fat and you cannot get into nutritional ketosis. Since I couldn’t keep my numbers low enough, this wasn’t happening.

But why couldn’t I? I felt like I had enough knowledge and gumption to do it but why were my numbers always so high? Let’s review. It is my own conclusion that digestion plays a large role in a diabetics life as well. First of all if you are eating high fat, which is required to get your body into nutritional ketosis, your digestion will be much slower. This is something I had not considered previously.

Also, I had read that if you eat pure fat then your blood sugar should not rise. Yet, unless your drinking cups of olive oil or eating sticks of butter for dinner (both gross and strange!) then you are going to see a rise in blood sugar when you eat. Even if you eat no carbs, if you are eating something high in fat but also containing protein (salmon, beef) then most surely you will see a rise in blood sugar due to gluconeogenesis. For a non-diabetic it may not be pronounced because their immune system and pancreas is functioning properly, but in a Type 1 pretty much everything you put in your mouth with very few exceptions causes blood sugar to rise and I stick by that.

I also believe I had a problem because I feel we diabetics have an overeating problem. This I believe for several reasons, some biological and some psychological. Looking back, my portions have been too large. I am fairly petite but I have been puttin’ it away so to speak. Conceptually I was thinking to myself, “eat more fat! OK I’ll eat MORE FAT!” It is not necessarily about MORE than it is about ratio. I mean it is just not realistic to be eating hamburger meat ALL DAY LONG!

Lastly, I feel I failed because I have not yet moved past the indoctrination of “eat three square meals a day” or “eat frequently throughout the day.” Really now. If I have eaten something high fat and protein in the morning I am usually not ready to eat by noon. When I stop and listen to my body I end up eating lunch as part of the routine instead of being hungry.

Am I said it didn’t work out? A bit yes. But if we do not experiment we will never know. I am the scientist of my own body. I am sure I will try again. For the moment I am going to take a little step back and refocus on keeping my blood sugar in check before anything else. Then I can move forward again with another round of experimentation, which I am already planning. Next time around I am going to use a different strategy. To share, I am going to start recording my actual data. As much as I can help myself, if there is no one out there recording their experiments for others to analyze then how can we help each other? Look out for upcoming posts that will fill you in on when I start this, what I will do and what my objectives will be!


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