Nutritional Ketosis: My Journey Begins

This week my goal is to get my body in nutritional ketosis (a state in which my body utilizes fat before sugar).  I half experimented with this after my diagnosis not knowing it was called nutritional ketosis.  All I knew was that if sugar is a problem for me then I should try and make my body run off of fat.  Now that I am a little more informed and after several months of falling off the wagon, I’m making some changes.  At the beginning of my diabetic journey I weighed in at 103 and my goal was actually to gain a few pounds.  However, after these recent months of rollercoaster blood sugars and less than quality food choices, I notice that I have put on weight rather quickly.  Now everyone around me will look at me and say that I haven’t.  You can’t tell by looking but my clothes are much tighter than they were previously.   
Also, now that I feel a little more in control of my blood sugars and feel more comfortable about my diet and digestion, I plan to incorporate more exercise to stay toned and maintain an ideal bodyweight.  Thus, I will be attempting nutritional ketosis starting this week and I will be tracking it here on my blog.  I have been very inspired by another who is Type 1 diabetic who is doing this as well as this guy Jimmy Moore. 
So far it has been 24 hours. My blood sugar has averaged 98, although I would ideally like that to be slightly lower.  I also bought the strips to test ketones in your urine.  I would like to have one that checks them via your blood but those are pricey.  I am going to ask about getting a prescription for them at my next appointment but until then these simple urine test strips will have to do.  Hopefully I will see an increase in my ketones as the days go by.  It will definitely be a bit of a struggle to do this since I have two little kids and a husband to take care of, but ultimately extending my years as a Type 1 diabetic is top on my priority list.  I am ready for this next challenge.  Wish me luck!

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