Bubbles In My Line

Bubbles. Yep.  My kids love em.  But I don’t.  At least when they’re in the line that connects my pump to my body.  Obviously if there is a bubble then I am not recieving insulin and consequently my sugar goes up.  I have tried to be so careful when drawing the insulin into the vial but I still get bubbles in my line all the time!  The nurses say to use a pen and tap on the vial to get them out.  I swear I get them out and somehow they still form.  Every time. 

I saw one this morning and it was sort of close to my pump site.  It was good size too, not little champagne bubbles.  I was rushing around getting myself and the two kids ready so I told myself to remember to get it out a little later, however when I got to work I realized it was too late.  Checked my sugar. 185.  Totally bummed.  Did not start my Monday off right.  Hoping that this day ends better than it started, at least in terms of my blood sugar.


2 thoughts on “Bubbles In My Line

  1. Isn’t bubbles detrimental to your health, as in nurses avoid bubbles in syringes and such? Is it different in the pump? -J

  2. Serious bummer about the bubbles…..a concern but luckily it can be fixed. I hope ur numbers came down and ur day was better!
    love ya!!

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